50 Berkeley Square

50 Berkeley Square is recognized as one of the most haunted houses in London. The dwelling has so much history to it which earns the house this reputation. It was first thought of as a haunted house back in the victorian era of London. This era occurred when Queen Victoria reigned in the early 1800's.

The house was known to be constructed by famous architect William Kent back in 1740. The most well-known owner of this location was Prime Minister George Canning, and it was supposedly built for him as well. He owned this property until his death in 1827. After Prime Minister Canning passed, it was then bought by Miss Curzon until her death in 1859. She was 90 years old when she passed away.

The next person that resided at 50 Berkeley Square was known to be the reason for the first paranormal occurrences. His name was Mr. Myers, and after his fiance abandoned him, he became an eccentric hermit. He secluded himself away on the top floor of the house and was barely seen, unless he was receiving food from his servant.

At night, he wandered the house alone with a lighted candle. Some have seen this candle after his death. His despair and lack of upkeep on the house helped it form a bizarre reputation. Myers not only let the house become rundown, he also failed to pay taxes and did not respond to the many summons' that he received.

After Myers' death, local officials connected his odd behavior to the happenings at 50 Berkeley Square, and pronounced the house to be haunted! Its bad reputation was eaten up by the press and even appeared in a popular magazine called "Mayfair".

There were many frightening happenings that attributed to this place being considered as one of the most haunted houses in London. One of the stories involved a maid who was given the upper room to stay in for the evening. When the family turned in for the night, they were awakened by blood-curdling screams coming from the area the maid was staying. They found her standing in the middle of the room with a terrified look in her eyes. She was taken to the hospital and died from insanity the next day!

Some folks think she saw something unusual and terrifying, and was frightened beyond belief. Others Just think she had gone mad! "Mayfair" asked the family to reveal if the stories about this woman were true or just a tale, but they never came forward to say anything. The family did not use the room themselves after the incident with the maid, but did let a man visiting stay there. They warned him about the occurrence with the maid, and he was a little cautious about staying in the room.

He did, however, have a plan! The man decided to bring a bell with him. He said he would ring it once if he was alright and twice if he needed any help. At first, the family heard the bell ring once and assumed everything was alright with him. Soon after this, they heard the bell ring constantly and found the man dead in the middle of the room!

Another version of that same tale identified the name of the man being Sir Robert Warboys. They say he wanted to prove that the legends and scary stories behind the house were false. He decide to take a bet and stay the night in that room with his pistol - where people supposedly died! It is said that the bell he had - rang rapidly, and then the noise was followed by a shot! He was then found dead - not by a gun - but scared to death!

A man named Lord Lyttleton decided to test out the place, but carried a loaded shotgun with him in case anything or anyone dangerous came at him. During the night, he fired his weapon at a shadow, but found nothing but bulletholes in the room.

Another incident that was talked about was when a woman threw herself out of the window in the garret to escape her unpleasant life. It is said you can still hear her screams and see her spirit hovering near the window!

A well-known story about 50 Berkeley Square has to do with two sailors. They were members of the Royal Navy, and passing through town looking for a place to stay. The sailors came across the haunted residence and saw a "to let" sign. They stumbled in drunk and decided to attempt to spend the night at this empty eerie place!

The sailors chose to sleep in the bedroom on the second floor. Later in the night, they were woken by loud footsteps and an odd smell outside their room. A white-misted man with a wide-opened mouth busted in the room and attacked them. One of them escaped, and the other was found impaled on the outside railings. They say he was trying to escape this white gaping mist, but fell through the bedroom window to his death!

Around the 1870's, people who lived near the haunted house had many complaints about such noises as moving furniture, cries, moans, screams, books tossed around and windows and doors opening by themselves.

If you dare to visit, you can reach this place from Green Park tube station on the Piccadilly, Jubilee and Victoria lines, and Bond Street tube station on the Central and Jubilee lines. London bus route C2 also passes through the square.

The house is now owned by the Maggs Brothers who sell antique books. The owners have many visitors for ghost-hunting purposes. 50 Berkeley Square is a great site for you to visit in London! You never know - you could experience some paranormal phenomenon while you're there!

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