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Welcome to my London website! My name is Donna Hunt, and this page is about me so you can get a better idea of who is putting this site together - and why!

By the way, this is me by Tower Bridge on the River Thames!

I had the greatest luck to have a mother who was born in London, and decided to go back there to live from the United States. Although I had no choice in the matter, being an adolescent at the time, I would never have had my life any other way!

During the 20 years I lived in London, I learned so much about this amazing city so full of history! I do currently live in the United States (having met my husband in England) - but we do go back there quite often since I have a fairly large family there also!

When I fly to London, I get so excited when the plane is finally over the British Isles. Far below, I can see the English countryside with its beautiful patterns of lush green grassland and valleys! I'm literally willing the plane to hurry up and land so I can run to the nearest fish and chip shop! - always a favorite of mine!

I wanted to write this website to help as much as I can for folks to find their way around London without breaking the bank. As far as I'm concerned, you don't need an expensive tour to visit England!

With my advice, you will be able to manage the trip by yourself! Hopefully, as you read my site, you will pick up places to see, ways to save money, great adventures, secret places to visit, and the best deals!

Well, that's it for now about me - Let's get on with reading the rest of this website. You can imagine what an exciting year this will be to visit London, with the impending birth of a future heir to the throne - namely the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's first baby!

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