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Welcome to my London Tourist Attractions and Travel Information website! Have you ever dreamed of visiting London? My dream was the reality of living there for close to 20 years. I currently reside in the U.S., and have been back and forth between the two countries more times than I can remember.

My website will help you find the best travel tips and attractions for your visit to England. My advice and guidelines about the main London sights and the secret places to visit will help you have a happy and memorable trip. Why spend four to five thousand dollars per person on package tours? You don't have to! You can do it yourself, with the help of my website.

Put me in your favorites and bookmarks! My tips will save you time and money in helping you find cheap flights to London, save on London hotel rooms and London tourist attractions and, best of all, you will be in one of the most magical cities in the world! And, believe me, it is a city rich with history, historical places and people, as well as having a mysterious aura about it!

What an exciting year London just had! Did you see the exciting and what was termed "the best Olympic Games ever" - This would be London Olympics 2012. This is the third time London has hosted the Olympic Games (the only country to do so).

I couldn't believe the Olympic Stadium was right down the street to where I used to live in the East End of London. My brother actually attended some of the track and field events at the Olympic Games and sent me back this picture of the Olympic Torch inside the Stadium.

And, how about the Queen of England Elizabeth II's Diamond Jubilee - Did you see the 1,000 boats going down the River Thames in a 7-mile flotilla from Battersea to Tower Bridge. There were row boats, working boats, River Thames cruise boats of all shapes and sizes beautifully turned out for this amazing event!

A world record was broken as the largest flotilla ever with the gold-encrusted royal barge and Queen Elizabeth II leading this extravagant spectacle, the first staged on the historic Thames since the reign of Charles II.

How about the rest of the celebrations going on all over London and that magnificent concert outside Buckingham Palace? It's not often a Queen reaches her 60th year as Monarch. In fact, it's only ever happened one other time when Queen Victoria ruled for 63 years!

Talking of Royalty, one of the most interesting London tourist attractions is Hampton Court Palace, where King Henry VIII resided. It was one of his many palaces. Henry confiscated this palace from Cardinal Wolsey, one of his chief advisors, before he ordered him to the Tower of London via Traitors Gate for treason.

As you walk through Hampton Court Palace, you can feel the history of that time period. It's like being propelled back in time to the 16th century. You can almost visualize King Henry riding his horse and hunting through the grounds or strolling with Anne Boleyn through the beautiful gardens of the Palace.

You can imagine him dining with his Court in the Great Hall, and it seems that the Hampton Court Palace ghost of Catherine Howard, Henry's fifth wife, can be heard running and screaming through the famous Haunted Gallery, to beg his leniency and spare her life - to no avail!

In more modern times, romantic London had one of its biggest moments! With most of the world watching, heir to the British throne, Prince William and his bride, Katherine Middleton, who became the Duchess of Cambridge, married in a grand and stylish ceremony at Westminster Abbey, another one of the great London tourist attractions. This is the famous balcony scene at Buckingham Palace where the newlyweds kissed - not once - but twice in front of the record crowds gathered in front of the Palace!

WOW! - William and Kate baby news in England - It's a Boy!  Little Prince George.  He will be third in the line of succession after Prince William who is second in line after his father, Prince Charles. A royal baby is such exciting news for all of Great Britain, and a fun and historic reason to visit London this year!  I was in London last month. I stayed in the Paddington Station area and visited St. Mary's Hospital where Princes William and Harry were born, and now his new Royal Highness!

Contrary to some of the myths you may have heard about this great city, let me dispel these right away. There is good modern travel in London. You will not be picked up by a horse and carriage at the airport. There will be trains, taxis and buses. The London bus routes are easy to follow, and it's fun to travel on one of the red buses, especially if it's the double decker bus.

Also, you will not be solving crimes in the fog like Sherlock Holmes did! There is not much fog in London to speak of. The mythical fog will not be blocking your sightseeing tours, London tourist attractions, or any visits you may have to some of the historical quaint British pubs you will find in London.

Another important point is that beer in London is not warm! There is cold beer served in some of the oldest and best pubs in the world. Stop in and have dinner and cold pints of beer in the Sherlock Holmes pub itself - located near Trafalgar Square - or any pub you come across! Believe me, they are on every corner in London and many in between!

Speaking of drinking cold beer in the pub, the British people love pub quizzes! "The After Dinner Quiz Book" written by Wayne DuBose (who was a pub quizmaster himself for many years in England) is just what you need to brush up on your skills, because I'm going to dare you to ask a page of questions from this book at any pub in England! Tell the publican that I have given you, whatever country you may be coming from, this challenge from the States that you have to take on. Believe me, you will have a lot of fun and make many British friends before the night is over!

The food in England is great! It's so diversified because there are more than 300 nationalities here, and 70 different cuisines. Lastly, as far as the local folks, they are more than friendly when asking for directions or advice on the best pub or place to eat.

If all of the above isn't enough to get you excited enough to start packing for your trip, just remember London is one of the most exciting cities in the world! I know - I've lived it! There is nothing to compare! After all, you're in the land of Harry Potter characters, British Pubs, Fish and Chips, the Beatles, British Royalty, the "Tower of London", built almost 1,000 years ago, and the list goes on and on!

And let's not forget Downton Abbey - my all-time favorite. Read more in my "Day Trips from London" section - coming soon. I couldn't resist a few of my favorite picks of Downton Abbey. Everything about this show is fascinating! Click on items below and start your own collection!

The sights to see in London are endless, and it is a place that everybody should visit once in their lifetime. Quite frequently, I feel compelled to head back to this little island that is a big part of me. So, let's get started together on this trip of a lifetime, and visit as many London tourist attractions as possible!

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