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London hotel rooms will be one of your bigger expenses when you travel to London. It is true that hotel rooms there can be very expensive, but you can definitely keep costs down for your trip when booking London hotel rooms. First of all, do not go with a tour. You will be paying thousands of dollars for your whole trip, when you can definitely take the reins and plan your visit to London yourself, and save a ton of money! You just need to have the know-how and follow some of my tips to make your trip more economical.

The last couple of times I traveled to London, I booked both times with Priceline hotels. I received some amazing rates! I stayed at a really nice hotel in London called Club Quarters on Gracechurch Street for literally half the price. This hotel is in the city of London's financial district and is referred to as the square mile of London. This is the area that was occupied by the original old-walled city built by the Romans centuries ago. Club Quarters is also within walking distance of the Tower of London and St. Paul's Cathedral, and I did walk to both of these London tourist attractions on the same day. Club Quarters was also across the street to Leadenhall Market, where one of the Leaky Cauldron scenes from one of the Harry Potter movies was shot. I felt surrounded by history!

Another favorite website I look at to compare prices for London hotel rooms is Hotwire. I have found really favorable rates for rooms on this site also. I look at Hotwire hotel rates for London, because this gives me a good starting point when I bid for Priceline hotels. Of course, my other favorites include Expedia, Travelocity and Orbitz. Try them all and compare! When you are actually in England and have the need to book a hotel room for a one-off night. Say you decided to take a day trip and stay over, and you have not yet booked a room, look at the Travelodge hotels in the U.K. They are nice, clean hotel rooms with a bathroom, and you can get some of the better rates with them if you have to book a night on the spur of the moment while you are in England. I stayed at a Travelodge on the spur of the moment in England while visiting Stonehenge and at Gatwick airport. I was recommended Travelodge as the most economical deal, and it was!

If, on the other hand, for you folks who really want to go extravagant on what could be your once-in-a-lifetime trip, I would suggest the Ritz Hotel London, even if it's just for a couple of nights. I suggest this for folks who really want to splurge, and can!


Whatever your choice and price range, make sure you take your time, compare prices, and select the best of the London hotel rooms for your trip!

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