London Travel Card

A London Travel Card is a must during your stay in London, especially if you intend to make regular trips on public transportation. Let's face it - you will more than likely be using London transportation every day! Furthermore, you will most likely be using more than quite a few times every day! How else will you visit all of the London tourist attractions that you will want to see on this once-in-a-lifetime trip!

It is possible to buy tickets on a pay-as you-go basis for single trips, but it is cheaper, quicker and more efficient to buy one of the travel cards available. This will keep more money in your pocket to spend on other fun things! Of course, if you truly are in London less than a day and only intend to use the bus or tube one time, then it's best to pay-as-you-go in this circumstance.

The two main types of travel cards are - the Oyster Card and the Travelcard. You have to decide which card will work best for you and your family/friends! There are many variables with each card! Once you have your trip planned, the picture should become clearer on which card you should go with!

The Oyster card is the cheapest way of using public transport in London. Most of the people who live and work in London use this card to cut down on their daily travel expenses. The Oyster card is a great resource for many, however, a Travelcard may be a more attractive alternative for some short-term visitors.

One of the more attractive advantages with the Travelcard is the 2 for 1 price into some of the London sights. However, there are certain conditions on where the Travelcard is purchased to get this promotion - plus it has to be used the same day at the attraction.

Knowing which London Travel Card to purchase can be very confusing to the visitor to London. I will guide you through them as best as I can, so you can make the best choice for your situation!

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