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Where do you look for cheap flights to London? Have you ever wished you could fly like Peter Pan and Tinkerbell? How about owning a Harry Potter broomstick? I think about questions like these every time I plan a trip to London. How can I fly there without breaking the bank?

A valuable tip for you would be to start looking at airfares six months before you plan to travel. Again, don't forget to save my website into your favorites or bookmarks, as I will have the best links for you to compare and book cheap flights to London. My favorite travel purchase is Priceline airline tickets. Name your own price for your trip to London, and see if your bid is accepted. With Priceline airline tickets, you never know, you could save a bundle! I have also found great deals in Expedia, Travelocity and Orbitz. These are all favorites of mine to compare and book flights to London or to anywhere else in the world, for that matter. Most of the airlines have flights into London. United Airlines, Delta, British Airways, Virgin Atlantic and US Airways all travel to London, even Air Canada and Lufthansa.

Another great tip for your travel to London is the amazing deal that British Airways has with AARP. If you are a member of AARP, British Airways is offering you a discount of up to $400.00 off your airfare to London. You have to book by 10/31/13, and complete your travel by 3/31/14. If you're not a member of AARP and qualify to be one, now's the time to take advantage and activate your membership. Don't miss this one!

I personally check airfares every day for cheap flights to London, sometimes two or three times a day. I find the best time to search airfare is usually Tuesday afternoon, although prices are changing constantly, and some airlines can change their fares up to three times in one day. The best days of the week to actually fly and get the lowest fares are on a Tuesday or Wednesday. I usually try for a Tuesday, but this can sometimes change. Even if I book a flight, I still go and check the airline's fares after this. Once, after I booked with a certain airline, the fare went down. When I pointed this out, they credited me the difference. Remember, there is high season and low season to travel. High season to London is around the first week in June until the end of August. This is when the fares will usually be higher. You can find cheap flights to London during low travel season which happens to be the rest of the year. Also, make sure that you check airports close to where you live and compare those fares. You could save big money just by driving to the next airport.

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Another good tip for your air travel to London would be to make sure your passport is in order well before you plan to leave the country. Also, figure out how you will convert your US Dollars into Great Britain currency, and the most economical way to do this. Please make sure you are using a credit card with a great rewards program for the trip, and, very importantly, do not forget to sign up for the airlines' frequent flyer program. It is thousands of miles to London and back. You don't want to lose out on mileage rewards.

Remember, pay attention to my tips to find cheap flights to London. Once you have found the best fare that you can, you will be on your way. There are two main airports in London that you would usually fly into. They are Heathrow Airport and Gatwick Airport.

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