Greenwich England

Greenwich England, for which the Greenwich in New York is named after, is famous the world over for being home to Greenwich Mean Time and the Meridian Line.

Greenwich England is just twenty minutes from central London, and is easily accessible by tube, as well as river boat. There is so much to do at Greenwich; you can easily spend a whole day here. Some of my favorite sights are:

Royal Observatory Greenwich -

Founded as a scientific institute in 1675, the Observatory is home of the world's Prime Meridian - longitude 0 degrees and of Greenwich Mean Time. Have your photo taken while you stand on the world famous Greenwich Meridian Line. Next door is Peter Harrison Planetarium which is well worth a visit. This observatory is free to enter, but you will need to pay to go into the Planetarium - tickets are around $11.00 for adults and $7.50 for children.

National Maritime Museum -

Free entry to this maritime museum makes it well worth a visit! Find out about Britain's seafaring heritage, including the life and death of Admiral Lord Nelson.

The Cutty Sark -

The Cutty Sark was launched in Scotland in 1869, and was the fastest ship of her time. To begin with, she sailed on the tea route to China, but later she brought back wool from Australia. She has been in dry dock in Greenwich since 1954 and has recently undergone a complete conservation process. The ship was re-opened to the public by the Queen on 25 April 2012. Tickets cost around $20.00 for adults and $11.00 for children.

Queen's House -

Originally home to King Charles I's wife, Henrietta Maria, it was designed in 1616 by Inigo Jones. It is now a splendid setting for an art gallery displaying part of the National Maritime Museum's extensive collection of naval portraits and seascapes, as well as paintings of Greenwich England. These include Canaletto's view of the Old Royal Naval College, a scene virtually unchanged since the 18th century. Free entry is a bonus!

Old Royal Naval College -

This beautiful building is built on the site of the Tudor palace where both Henry VIII and Elizabeth I were born. It was designed by some of the greatest architects of the day including Wren, Hawksmoor and Vanbrugh. The beautiful Chapel and the magnificent Painted Hall, where Nelson's body lay in state after his death at the Battle of Trafalgar, are open daily and has free entry.

The Fan Museum -

The Fan Museum is the only museum in the world dedicated to the art and craft of the fan. You can see exquisite examples of this elegant fashion accessory of the 17th and 18th centuries, displayed at the museum. The museum itself is housed in two lovely early Georgian houses, and you will be able to see a collection of more than 3,500 fans. Admission is around $5.00 per person.

Greenwich Park -

This is London's oldest enclosed Royal Park. Greenwich Park is situated at the top of a hill which gives it impressive views of Greenwich and across the River Thames to the O2, Canary Wharf, and the City of London. If you are lucky, you may sese the small herd of Fallow deer that live in the wilderness near Blackheath Gate. There are also beautiful rose, flower and herb gardens, as well as a large children's playground. The Royal Observatory and the Meridian Line are also within the park. There is no admission fee to go into the park.

Shopping in Greenwich -

If you have had your fill of visiting stately homes and museums and feel a little retail therapy is in order, then Greenwich London is the place for you. With its rich variety of shops and markets, there is something for everyone: vintage fashion, designer clothes, shoe shops, books, art, records, furniture, gift shops, delicatessen food and deliciously fresh meat and fish. The shops are open from 10:00 a.m. until the early evening including Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays, so there is plenty of time to fit in some shopping! To find out more, go to

Eating and Drinking in Greenwich England -

When you have finished shopping, there are plenty of restaurants and cafes in which to take a breather. There are also many pubs and bars including a riverside one. Enjoy a drink while you gaze across the Thames.

As you can see, Greenwich England is an amazing place to visit with so much to do and see. Best of all, many of the attractions are either free or have a small admission fee. If you do take any of the River Thames Cruises to Greenwich, make sure you have enoughtime to visit all these wonderful places in Greenwich, one of London's little gems!

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