Science Museum London

The Science Museum London is one of my favorite museums in London, and will most certainly be an amazing adventure for anyone who visits this very popular attraction. This museum is adjacent to the Natural History Museum, and, unbelieveably, has a free admission. The museum has over 300,000 items on display - give yourself plenty of time to wander the delights of this museum.

The items on display include: the oldest surviving steam locomotive (Stephenson's Rocket, Puffing Billy), the first jet engine, a reconsruction of Francis Crick and James Watson's DNA model, and some of the earliest steam engines! The museum has a number of object-rich galleries and exhibitions; three of which are: "Making the Modern World", "Who Am I", and "Flight".

One of the museum's object-rich galleries is their "Making the Modern World" gallery. This unique, breathtaking gallery chronologically presents 150 of the most significant items from the Science Museum's collections from 1750 - 2000. The artifacts that shaped our lives throughout the centuries are on display in this gallery.

One of the most amazing items in this gallery is the capsule that took three astronauts around the moon in 1969. The three lucky astronauts who manned this space flight were Tom Stafford, John Young, and Gene Cernan. These men provided a "dry run" or dress rehearsal for the famous Apollo 11 moon landing mission. This item alone is enough to take one's breath away. By itself, it shows that human beings are capable of some amazing feats!

The next stop on your agenda should be the "Who Am I" exhibit. This exhibit is about your favorite subject...You! What makes you human? What makes you smarter than a chimp? What makes you - you? These are some of the questions that "Who Am I" focuses on.

In this exhibit, you can discover what your voice sounds like as the opposite sex, morph your face to see how you age, or collect DNA to catch a criminal! These are all done through the "Who Am I" inter-active exhibits. You will also investigate the characteristics that make us human such as: language, personality, and intelligence in this unique exhibit.

The next exhibit worth seeing during your visit to the Science Museum London is simply called "Flight". Share the dreams of the flight pioneers: see the development of aviation from its tentative beginnings to the modern era of mass air travel. On display in this amazing exhibit, you will see the earliest imaginings and creations of aviation to the modern jets you see flying today.

Also on display in the gallery is the "Jason I" plant that Amy Johnson flew to become the first woman to fly solo from Great Britain to Australia. Another exciting item on display is the aircraft in which Alcock and Brown made the first non-stop flight across the Atlantic. This is an amazing sight!

This museum visit is bound to make a lasting impression. Here you will discover all of the ingenuity and innovation that went into creating the modern world around us. You will discover the science of psychology by exploring what makes human being tick. You will also discover the beauty of science, and can share this experience with family and friends at the Science Museum London.

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