Tower of London Ghosts 

The Tower of London ghosts are known to haunt the Tower because they lost their head or were a victim one way or another of this historical site. In days gone by, the Tower of London had a few purposes. Some of them were to execute, some were to imprison and some to reside in. People that resided there were royal and rich. 

Spirits of this tower were usually seen by the guards through windows as they walked by, or on the ground going through walls and doors! Many spirits of men, women, children and even a bear have been spotted at this location. Sometimes these ghosts were headless!

Thomas Becket, Archbishop of Canterbury, was one of the original ghostly sightings. He was not executed or killed in the Tower. This makes people find it hard to believe he could have been spotted there. It isn't every case that a person has to die in a location for their spirit to reside. He did, however, have a connection to the Tower because he worked there as an officer. This could be a reason he has been spotted a little over 70 years after his death. Becket's spirit has been seen at Traitors Gate banging the walls with his cross!

One of the more common Tower of London ghosts is that of Anne Boleyn. Anne Boleyn was the Queen of England from 1533 to 1536. She was a key part in the English reformation. Anne was beheaded because of the accusations of treason and incest. Many believed King Henry VIII wanted rid of her because she could not bear him a son, and he wanted to marry Jane Seymour.

Although Anne does haunt various places she resided in, her most persistent haunt is in the Tower of London. Her body was buried in St. Peter ad Vincular located in Tower Green. An officer saw a light coming from the window of this chapel and wondered what it was. He climbed a ladder to see, and witnessed an odd glowing light with a group of people dressed like the Tudor era. One of the faces in this group was Anne Boleyn. They seemed to be participating in a type of ceremony, but suddenly they vanished and the chapel turned dark!

A guard was so terrified to see the ghost of Anne Boleyn on the stairs that he had a heart attack and died! She has been seen in the Bloody Tower and the Lieutenants Lodgings. A few claimed to see a ghostly figure wearing a bonnet with no head. One man was extremely terrified to see her holding her head walking down a corridor that he ran screaming for help!

Other Tower of London ghosts are Catherine Howard, King Henry VIII, Lady Jane Grey, Margaret the Countess of Salisbury, Sir Walter Raleigh, the Duke of Northumberland, King Edward V and Prince Richard who were brothers. Lady Jane Grey, Anne Boleyn, Catherine Howard and Margaret are known as the beheaded ghosts of the Tower!

Jane usually appears around the anniversary of her execution which was February 12, 1554. She was beheaded in Tower Green for treason and was buried at St. Peter ad Vincular. She is spotted in Beauchamp Tower.

The Countess, Margaret, was beheaded, not by the first blow of the ax, but, by the fifth. Her end was horrific because she suffered and screamed in pain from each attempt. These noises are heard around the Tower to this day. King Henry VIII has been seen floating above the guards' heads.

The Duke of Northumberland is seen walking between Constable and Martin Towers. His sights were so frequent that the locals named the area "Northumberland's Walk".

A ghost of a bear was said to frighten a sentrie to death near the Martin Tower. Bears previously resided in the Tower as gifts!

Your nearest Tube Stations to the Tower of London are Tower Hill - a 3-minute walk or Aldgate - a 9-minute walk. Come and see if you can spot the Tower of London Ghosts with your own eyes, if you are brave enough!

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